...the future ot the Artis Quartet would seem to be assured The playing of these four young Viennese on several Sony releases has been consistentiy admireable. Their latest effort, however, a pairing of Dvorak‘s sublime last quartet, in A-flat, Opus l05, and Smetana‘s „From My Live“, is the stuff of greatness.. . We are given playing that is big in sound, at once songfully expressive, sensitively shaded and rhythmically propulsive...

Sony SK 53282

Herbert Glass / Los Angeles Times

...outstanding chamber music release..The Artis have the wisdom to select and seale all there is in the musical cornucopia, so that lt never sounds overloaded. Playing like this shows that, when it is properly understood, there can be nothing as new as old music...

Schumann/Brahms/Piano Quintets/S.Viadar-Sony SK 58954

Hilary Finch / The Times

...but here the notion is gloriously justified, resulting in a disc which I feel is destined to become something of a modern classic. Highly recommended....

Schumann/Brahms/Piano Quintets/S.Vladar-Sony SK 58954

Julian Haylock /CD Review

..excellent recording..The Artis Quartet eloquently traces the continuity, finding a rigouros logic in the early, tonal pieces and imparting to the 12-tone compositions a Romantic athmosphere that at times approaches voluptuousness...in the sensitive Artis performance, you feel that it really is possible, as Blake said, to „hold infinity in the palm of your hand“...

Webern- Complete Work f.Str.Quartet/Gielen -Sony SK 48059

Jamie James /New York Times

...can be heard on this disc in brilliant, heartfelt performances. The Artis Quartet clearly shows its Viennese origins in its warmth of sound, flexibility of phrasing and alertness to rythmic and emotional nuances.

Schumann/Brahms/Piano Quintets/S.Vladar-Sony SK 58954

Joseph McLellan / The Washington Post

...the Artis draw on the innate expressiveness of this music, handling effectively the elegance of the aria-like slow movement and the richness of Schubert‘s harmonic invention in the Quartet‘s C minor conclusion. The Artis‘s flexibility in the more mature ,,Death and the Maiden“ offers dear evidence of the development of Schubert‘s musical language...the Artis‘s interpretation, with its close attention to detail throughout, stresses this movement‘s sectional form through distinctive characterization of the individual variations.

Schubert Sony SK 52582

Nicholas Rast / Gramophone

...Sony‘s apt employment of the Vienna-based Artis Quartet in this coupling takes me right back to one of the most memorable string-quartet recordings of the 60s (Dvorak/Guarneri Quartet). The fact that the Guarneris never quite came up to the expectations generated by their earliest performances and recordings does not dim the splendor of that accomplishment. ..there remains no respect in which the Artis players are not entirely satisfactory...

Dvorak/Smetana-Sony SK 53282

John Wiser / Fanfare

...performances of notably high quality...their plunge into these evocative Mozart works balances the sweetness with tart precision and variety of sound. ..their approach is intense and musical...

Mozart-Haydn Quartets Sony SK 46552

Philadelphia lnquirer

...the Artis Quartet‘s musical maturity is abundantly evident here...their playing tells us that they have a passionate affinity tor these compositions and are able to communicate it with remarkable technical proficiency. In fact, the Artis penetrates the entire score to the marrow, and presents it with startling conviction. I have not heard a stronger reading of the work..

Webern- Complete Work f.Str.Quartet/Gielen -Sony SK 48059

Robert Hesson / Stereophile

...the challenge of players is to sustain concentration without losing expressive flexibility, and the Artis Quartet are on the whole as convincing in interpretation as they are secure in technique.. .their playing has commendable spontaneity, and a very positive sense of four minds thinking as one...

Webem- Complete Work f.Str.Quartet/Gielen -Sony SK 48059

A.W. / Gramophone